Unlocking capital for smallholder rice farmers.

AgriG8 is an Agri-Fintech platform, making it attractive for institutional lenders to invest in climate-resilient farming. Our mission is to ensure that any farmer that practices climate-resilient farming can be financed.

Work with us

We help rice farmers adopt optimized and sustainable practices.

AgriG8 provides a unique farmer-focused experience, which provides farmers the ability to increase their yield and nutrient efficiency, while enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and be certified sustainable.

We provide institutional lenders the ability to close the smallholder farmer financing gap.

Through predictive forecasts for loan origination and credit assurance, and by adding sustainability metrics alongside financial returns, lenders can break the vicious cycle of farmers being both victims and contributors to climate change.

In the news

Trendlines invests in agri-fintech company AgriG8

The Trendlines Group invests in Agrig8 in its first foray into the agri-fintech space.

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How This Entrepreneur’s New Agri-Fintech Startup Is Helping Underserved Farmers To Stay Competitive

Agrig8's CEO, David Chen, speaks with Tatler about his vision for Southeast Asia's rice industry.

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Technologies for smallholder farmers - a balancing act

Agrig8's multi-data approach with farmer's self-recorded data solves the problem of lenders investing in sustainable agriculture.

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Let's close the smallholder financing gap, sustainably.
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